about us

Our team has well over 50+ years of experience in the customization industry. We continuously attend conventions and seminars throughout the year to make sure our education, materials, and techniques improve and are up to date.

Nikki 5+ exp:
Mama Nik is the lead coordinator of our establishment. When she is not
leading the team during daily operations she can be found taking in the
scenery at a park or creating delicious health savvy meals in the kitchen.

JC 10+ exp:
When he's not in the shop or making sales you can find him riding his bike or playing golf.

Ceasar 25+ exp:
Being a handyman and a new grandfather, he definitely spends a lot of his spare time making knickknacks for his grandson. He also has a great sense of fixing any car problems, and we all can appreciate that.

El Tio 5+ exp:
As a prior painter, he has a keen eye for color. He likes spending his off time usually fishing during the sunny Florida weather.

Flaco 5+ exp:
If living near Marlin stadium hasn't made him a huge Marlins fan we don't know what would. Besides rooting for the Marlins he enjoys a good game of dominoes with his buddies.

Owa 15+ exp:
This fellow enjoys great music and festive dancing. Salsa and merengue are some of the tunes you will find him jamming to in his car.

Blanco 10+ exp:
This sorcerer of all things graphics, loves playing the drums.